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Mitla Capital

Looking for business owners who want to sell or retire while preserving and growing their legacy

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I have the objective of buying a company from an owner who believes I'm the best option to lead and grow the business going forward

What am I looking for?

A company with revenues of more than MXN$80 million and/or profits of more than MXN$20 million per year in a growing industry

Why is Mitla a good option?

Mitla is an option for those owners who care about their legacy and their employees, and who want to sell to someone who will dedicate his career to further growing their business.
Moreover, owners have limited options to sell their businesses. There are the private equity funds, who own several companies and mainly have financial objectives. Selling to a competitor means there will be changes and that, most probably, the founder's legacy will be destroyed


I am backed by more than 15 entrepreneurs, investors and small business owners who are willing to provide the resources and mentorship needed to grow the acquired business. Their experiences in different roles and geographies make this a unique group well positioned to support me in identifying and running a great business for the long term

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About Myself


Benjamin Estrella


I love Mexico and my mission as an entrepreneur is to contribute to making this a better country. My career has been focused on investing, operating, and growing small to medium sized companies.

​My first experience was being part of the founding team of KUA Mex Foods, an investment platform of food and beverage companies in Mexico. While at KUA, I participated from building a business plan and raising equity to investing in and operating 12 companies with more than 1,000 employees. Then, I was lucky enough to study an MBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in the U.S.A. and, before returning to Mexico, I worked at Restaurant Brands International (QSR:NYSE) doing business development.

I believe in the power of education, so, I started a non-profit that provided scholarships to low-income undergraduates, Fundación Queremos Estudiar (no longer active, but lots of learnings). I enjoy being with my family and friends, doing sports (hiking, mountain biking, soccer, yoga), listening to music, traveling, and reading.

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Cabiedes Investments

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Vonzeo Capital

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Individual Investors

Managing Partner

NextGen Growth Partners

Paco Islas

Managing Partner


Stealth Monitoring


Nexxus Capital

Alfonso Cano


Monte Blanco

Founder and Managing Director

Stealth Monitoring


Grupo Performance

Founder and Managing Director

Housatonic Partners

Founder and CEO

KUA Mex Foods

General Manager

Artículos Higiénicos S.A. de C.V.

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Let's Talk

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